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Luma Dajani

Consultant - Arabic

Luma is a bilingual lawyer and a consultant at Support Legal.

Luma’s Arabic/English capabilities bridge the legal communication gap between clients and ensure the consistency and accuracy between legal deliverables. She has mediated in negotiations with Arabic speaking clients locally and across the Middle East.

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  • Worked on drafting legal documents and contracts in preparation for closings between a Middle East government and a US based corporation in New York.


  • Participated in preparing documents and correspondences in humanitarian cases that required Arabic language skills and cultural affinity.


  • Prepared the prospectus documentation for Initial Public Offering on the Bahrain Stock Exchange.


  • Reviewing the Arabic portion of contracts, MOA, AOA and various legal documents to ensure the consistency of the contents with the English version in preparation to legal and corporate transactions.


  • Reviewing Legal documents in Arabic and writing reports to reflect the clients’ specific enquiries and concerns.


  • Reviewing English versions of legal documents to ensure its consistency with the Arabic content.


  • Facilitating meetings and negotiations with Arabic speaking clients and on behalf of English speaking clients in dealings with government sectors.


  • Hatim S. Zubi & Partners, Bahrain

  • Strook & Strook & Lavan, New York City

  • Ibtissam Biltaji Law Firm, Amman, Jordan



  • Jordan Bar of Association

  • Bachelor of Law , University of Jordan

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