What our consultants say

"After over a decade of working in a law firm I was looking for a change from working in a stale corporate environment. I had built up so much expertise but wanted more freedom and new challenges. Support Legal was the perfect next step for me, allowing me to work remotely while using all the knowledge I have gained over the course of my career."



"After graduating, I spent a few years working for a bureaucratic law firm where I felt there was so much room for improvement in the delivery and management of legal services. The industry definitely needs to be disrupted - that’s why I got involved with Support Legal."

"Support Legal has given me some truly awesome clients to work with. I am amazed at how much innovation is happening now and am dedicated to helping businesses thrive in this ever-changing environment."

“Support Legal’s streamlined processes and technology makes matter management far less tedious and allows me to focus my energy on getting the work done for the client.”

“I really enjoy the spectrum of clients I work with at Support Legal. I’ve worked with everyone from major corporate entities to rapidly-expanding businesses and enjoyed every minute of it.”