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Welcome to Support Legal, an award-winning legal services firm based in the Middle East. Our team of experienced lawyers, handpicked from leading international law firms and multinational companies, assist entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes overcome their most important business challenges. We aim to foster an agile and collaborative environment that empowers individuals to excel in their work without sacrificing other important aspects of their lives.



At Support Legal, we attract senior legal talent and provide them with the tools, flexibility, and support they need to deliver superior client service for a price that is fair and transparent. 


At our core, we are a collegiate team that puts the needs of our clients and our people first. Unlike other firms, we are not restricted by internal politics, billing targets, or ineffective delegation. We attract accomplished lawyers and provide them with the flexibility and support they need to excel.

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 Our lawyers join as self-employed advisors, with the freedom to design and develop their own practice. We encourage collaboration and teamwork, empowering our people to choose who they work with and draw on a diverse range of expertise to best serve their clients.

Local Knowledge. Global Expertise.

Support Legal brings together a global team of seasoned legal professionals, handpicked from prestigious law firms and corporations. Our extensive expertise in the Middle East, combined with our efficient business model, allows us to provide exceptional legal services at a fraction of the cost charged by other leading law firms.

If you're curious to find out more and speak to our team, get in touch here.

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