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At Support Legal, we recognize that you are more than just time sheets and billing targets. We believe in recognizing the value of experienced lawyers and rewarding them for their expertise, endeavor, and client network. That's why our remuneration model is designed to be as simple, fair, and transparent as possible. Lawyers receive payment once clients have made advance payments for the services to be rendered.


Typically, our lawyers earn more income for the same work compared to traditional firms:

  • 15% is paid to the lawyer who refers the client to our firm.

  • 55% is paid to the lawyer or team responsible for scoping and handling the work.

  • 70% is paid to the lawyer who refers the client and handles the work.


SL Remuneration Chart_edited



Support Legal


Traditional law firm Remuneration Chart


Law Firm


Support Legal's lawyers are self-employed and contract with us through their own service company. This arrangement allows for significant tax efficiencies as they take responsibility for their own tax matters and structuring.

We operate a 'flat' structure where all principles benefit from the same remuneration arrangements and support, regardless of their billings. Earn uncapped referral fees for introducing new clients to the firm and cross-referring work to other specialists within Support Legal. The fixed 15% client origination fee has been designed to eliminate office politics and foster a strong sense of fairness and equality across our firm. 

Support Legal retains 30% of all client revenues to provide the necessary support and operational infrastructure outlined here.

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